How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft

In this tutorial you will learn how to breed sheep in Minecraft with our step-by-step instructions and how-to videos.

We’ll discuss what to feed sheep to reproduce, how often to raise them, and how to make your sheep (lamb) grow faster.

Minecraft sheep are a passive mob that is a source of wool and lamb.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PC’s Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PC’s Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PC’s Yes
PlayStation Edition PlayStation 3 & 4 Yes

Required To Breed Sheep

Steps To Breed Sheep

1. Find Two Sheep To Breed

We first need to find two sheep to start the breeding process. If you have trouble finding sheep, you can summon them with a trick or use a spawn egg.

How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft

We need the sheep to stay close together, so it’s a good idea to lock them up.

2. Feed The Sheep Wheat

Then, with the sheep side by side, we should feed each sheep wheat. Select the wheat in your Hotbar and feed each sheep separately using the following in-game controls:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition – Right click on the sheep.
  • Pocket Edition (PE): Play the sheep.
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One: Press the LT button.
  • PS3, PS4: Press the L2 button.
  • Wii U, Nintendo Switch: Press the ZL Button.

After you feed the wheat to the sheep, you will see red hearts appear. This means that the sheep enter love mode.

How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft

Once the red hearts are gone, a sheep (lamb) will appear. You will notice that the sheep is the same color as the parents, but if the parents are different but compatible colors, the baby will be a combination of both. For example, the red sheep and the yellow sheep will create an orange sheep (Java edition only).

It usually takes about 20 minutes for the baby sheep to become an adult sheep. However, you can speed up that process by feeding the lamb wheat.

And you have to wait 5 minutes before your adult sheep can breed again.

How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft

This is how sheep are raised in Minecraft! Minecraft sheep are a passive mob that is a source of wool and lamb.


1.What do sheep in Minecraft eat to mate?

Killing additional sheep is useful as they drop mutton. Mutton is one of the best food sources in the game when cooked. To breed sheep in Minecraft, players need to feed it wheat. After eating the wheat, two sheep will enter “love mode” and start mating.

2. Can you breed pink sheep in Minecraft?

Two items fairly easy to come by. Combining them in your inventory windows produces 2 Pink Dye. Use these Pink Dye items on a pair of sheep, and breed them normally. You’ll have a small flock of pink sheep in no time!

3. How do you get sheep to breed?

A player should feed wheat to an adult sheep by right-clicking on the sheep. Players should see hearts around the sheep after they’ve been fed. If the player feeds two of these adult sheep in the same area at the same time these sheep will mate and a baby sheep will be born.

4. How do you breed a black sheep in Minecraft?

Sheep can be bred using wheat, after which they spawn a lamb. They cannot breed for about 5 minutes after the baby sheep appears.

5. How do you feed sheep in Minecraft?

Eating wheat
Right-clicking on a sheep with wheat in hand will make the sheep eat it. After feeding a sheep wheat, players will see hearts appear around the sheep. This means that the sheep is ready to mate. If you give another sheep some wheat, the two sheep will mate and create a baby sheep.

6. How do you make a rainbow sheep in Minecraft?

To get a rainbow sheep in Minecraft, make an anvil, place it down and open its UI. Use the leftmost slot for your nametag and click on the bar above the name tag. In order to make a rainbow slime you need to name it “jeb_”, it is case sensitive so make sure you do not capitalize the “j”.

7. Can you dye sheep in Minecraft?

Just place white wool and a dye in a crafting grid. Dying sheep is also pretty easy, if you can get them to hold still. You can even breed colored sheep for a single color or get a new one. Try breeding yellow and red sheep to make orange.

How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft  Video Tutorial

Watch this video as we show you how to breed sheep in minecraft and use the different use of sheep. And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for regularly updated Minecraft videos!

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