How to make a pumpkin head in minecraft

In Minecraft, pumpkins are a pretty rare find. How many times have you been exploring the deep dark depths of a spooky mine and found nothing but cobwebs? Did you ever think how to get a pumpkin in Minecraft? Well luckily for you, I’m here to tell how!

Obtaining a Pumpkin

First you will need to find a pumpkin. They are most commonly found in the plains biome, but can be found occasionally spawned from other biomes as well. You can also plant pumpkins if you’d like! Once you have your first pumpkin head how to make another one? Well that’s easy too; all it takes is five iron ingots and a pumpkin!

Creating the Pumpkin Head

How to make a pumpkin head in minecraft

Now that you have your pumpkin, it’s time to make a head! Right-click on the pumpkin with an iron ingot in your hand and voila, you now have a pumpkin head! The pumpkin will be added to your inventory and can be worn just like any other helmet. You won’t get too much protection with this pumpkin head, but it is a great addition to your Halloween costume.

Now how do you equip the pumpkin? If you’re playing in single player and don’t have cheats enabled, simply type /gamerule mobGriefing false . This will prevent mobs from being able to pick up the helmet! Now how can I get a pumpkin head in Minecraft if I’m playing on a multiplayer server without cheats enabled? Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to get a pumpkin helmet onto a player’s head on a non-cheating server. However, you can always ask a friend or admin to help you out!

If you’re looking for something extra spooky to add to your Halloween how how about a pumpkin head? It’s quick and easy, so get started on making one today!

Pumpkin Uses


How to make a pumpkin head in minecraft

Pumpkins may be worn as a helmet, and while they provide little visibility, the Enderman will not attack you if you look at them with a Pumpkin on your head. This is marginally beneficial but most significantly annoying.


How to make a pumpkin head in minecraft

Pumpkins are required for the creation of Iron and Snow Golems. Iron Golems are superior at their role than Snow Golems, but they will both protect you from mobs. Natural generation of Iron Golems is not possible, but you can generate your own that won’t attack you even when provoked. Snow Golems do not naturally exist, and can only be created through the use of a Pumpkin.

Jack o’ Lantern

How to make a pumpkin head in minecraft

The Jack o’ Lantern is a craftable and discoverable variant of the Pumpkin which can be used as a light source like a torch. All you need to craft it is one torch, and one Carved Pumpkin. You cannot wear a Jack o’ Lantern. It’s actually a pretty decent light source, considering it can be placed on the ground or on a wall.

A prank and a half

How to make a pumpkin head in minecraft

The Carved Pumpkin is one of my favorite uses for it. To prank your friends, I mean make their life a living hell. First, you’ll need to curse a Carved Pumpkin with the Curse of Binding. Then, a regular dispenser trap connected to a pressure plate or tripwire. I’m sure you can guess where this is going

Carving your real-life Pumpkin

Step 1: Using a pencil/pen, mark where you’re going to slice the top of the pumpkin off.

Step 2: While securely holding the pumpkin top down with one hand, use a sharp knife to cut around the stem.

Step 3: the With a smaller knife (or the same one from before) top removed, use a spoon or ice cream scoop to scrape out all the pumpkin guts and seeds.

Step 4: a Use a spoon to scoop out  toothpick or pencil to mark how far in you want your eyes and mouth to go.

Step 5: a Use the same spoon to scrape all the seeds sharp knife to carve out the eyes and mouth.

Step 6: you Once the pumpkin is hollow’re happy with how your Jack-o’-Lantern looks, use a large knife to cut the stem off.

Step 7: using Using the provided template a candle or LED string lights, your pumpkin is ready to be lit up and spook people how ever you’d like!

Step 8: you When carving, using a rocking motion works best want to light your pumpkin, use a match or lighter how the stem you cut off earlier.

Step 9: the Place your candles/lights inside  pumpkin how you want it to be seen, and light the candle.

Step 10: Profit!!!


1. How do you make a carved pumpkin in Minecraft?

1. How to get a Carved Pumpkin in Survival Mode
2. Find a Pumpkin Plant. First, you need to find a pumpkin plant growing in your Minecraft world. …
3. Hold your Shears. Next, place the shears in your hand by selecting them in the hotbar.
4. Use the Shears.
5. Dig up the Carved Pumpkin.
6. Pick up the Carved Pumpkin.

2. Why can’t I put a pumpkin on my head in Minecraft?

Make sure you are dragging the pumpkin into your helmet slot. And note that you can only wear normal pumpkins; Jack’o’lanterns will not work.

3. What do you do with carved pumpkins in Minecraft?

You can craft a jack o’lantern by combining a carved pumpkin with a torch – they provide a small amount of light, and can be placed underwater to illuminate the ocean floor, which is always useful. Carved pumpkins aren’t just for decoration – they can also be used to create iron or snow golems.

4. How do you put a pumpkin on your friend’s head in Minecraft?

With your new-found pumpkin friend, you if you place the pumpkin down you should be able to right-click (Interact) it, and then on the front, it should have a little face. Then you can put it on your head!.

5. Do pumpkins need water Minecraft?

Once the plants are mature, they provide a steady supply of fruit for your needs. Surprisingly, water is not needed to grow pumpkins or melons. Only mature stalks can grow pumpkins and melons.


In this tutorial, we learned how to make a pumpkin head in minecraft! Whether you’re doing it for Halloween or just because pumpkins are fun, the process is surprisingly simple. You can also use this trick with other types of heads and even different shapes of blocks too. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the steps involved in making a pumpkin head in minecraft!

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