How to Make Dried Kelp in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. There are so many people who play it, and there are also so many different ways to play it. If you have ever played Minecraft, then you know how much fun it can be to play on your own or with friends. One thing that players love about the game is how creative they get while playing! You can build whatever you want in Minecraft- castles, bridges, trees…and even dried kelp! This article will teach you how to create dried kelp in Minecraft!

In Minecraft, a bit of kelp may be used as a food or a building material (by converting the dried kelp into a block).

Drying kelp in Minecraft is a breeze. All it takes is an interactive block that can cook it and a little fuel. Kelp may be dried in a furnace, smoker, or bonfire. Players can make dried kelp by putting kelp in the proper cooking slot and then adding any type of fuel (wood, coal, lava, etc.).

Kelp can be dried in stacks of up to 64. The more kelp you put into the furnace, the faster it will cook!

Dried kelps look similar to how they do in real life- brown or dark green and leathery. You may use these blocks as a building material for your Minecraft projects. They are found in the Decorative Blocks tab of your creative inventory.

More info about dry kelp blocks in Minecraft

How to Make Dried Kelp in Minecraft

Dried kelp blocks are intriguing to look at, and they may be used in a variety of ways. Apart from decoration, dried kelp blocks have several other applications in Minecraft.

Here’s a breakdown of some facts about dried kelp blocks in Minecraft:

  • Unlike hay bale blocks, dried kelp blocks do not change their facing depending on placement.
  • A dried kelp block can be used as a fuel source. Its burning time is currently 200 seconds, enough to smelt or cook 20 items. This is two-and-a-half times longer than coal or charcoal, though it burns only a fourth as long as a block of coal. Dried kelp blocks can be used as fuel in many different appliances, including furnaces, smokers, and bonfires.
  • Dried kelp blocks can be used in composting, with a 50% chance when used to increase the level of a composter in Minecraft by one level. However, this is not the most economical means to compost kelp, as stacks of standard dried kelp provide more bang for one’s buck.
  • Minecraft villagers that are expert-level butchers will buy dried kelp blocks ten at a time for one Emerald, giving players some extra trading avenues.
  • Though dried kelp blocks can be broken fairly easily, the fastest tool to break them with is a hoe.

Dried kelp isn’t the greatest food in Minecraft, and some players may not care for its decorative applications. This substance, on the other hand, might be useful in a pinch. One may never know when this dried sea plant will come in handy. Depending on the player’s seed or situation, one could potentially never use it for anything important. But, in the meantime, it’s an interesting block to have in one’s inventory.


1. Is kelp useful in Minecraft?

Kelp composts well and has a 30% chance of increasing the compost heap level by one. It may also be smelted in a furnace to produce dried kelp in Minecraft. It’s eventually a food that restores one hunger point and is consumed rather quickly. Twice as fast as any other meal in the game, if not faster.

2. How much does dried kelp feed?

Food. The player is eating dried kelp, which has a hunger of 0.6 and a hunger saturation of 0.6. Dried kelp may be eaten twice as fast as any other food item in the game, according on what source you believe is correct (we’ll look at some sources in the next section).

3. What is the most efficient fuel in Minecraft?

The greatest and most efficient fuel in Minecraft is wooden slabs because you can produce a lot of them from just a few logs. 3 wood planks are created from 12 wooden planks, which burn for 15 seconds.

4. What can you do with dried kelp in Minecraft?

Dried kelp can now be used to craft dried kelp blocks. Placing dried kelp into the new composter has a 10% chance of raising the compost level by 1. Dried kelp now has a 30% chance of increasing the compost level in a composter.

5. Does kelp give XP?

Smelting kelp also grants 0.1 experience.

6. What is the point of kelp in Minecraft?

Kelp makes good compost, with a 30% chance of raising the level of a compost heap by 1, and it can also be smelted in a furnace into dried kelp – which is a food item that restores one unit of hunger and can be eaten extremely fast. About twice as fast as any other food in the game.

8. Is kelp still in Minecraft?

Kelp naturally generates in any ocean biomes (except in frozen, deep-frozen, and warm), near and around seagrass. Each chunk has a 1⁄18 chance to generate a random patch of kelp.

9. Do any villagers trade for dried kelp?

Dried kelp blocks can now be used to fill up composters. Dried kelp blocks can now be sold to butcher villagers.

10. Why can’t I put kelp on soul sand?

You can’t just stream water on the top of the soul sand and can create bubbles. After that, you have to take the soul sand out and get some kelp. Afterward, you will need to take the kelp to the top and then go back down. Then you have to break the kelp and put the soul sand out.

11. How do you make a kelp elevator in Minecraft?

Step inside the water elevator and place down kelp all the way from the bottom to the top. Each placed down a piece of kelp will turn each block of water from flowing into a source block. Once this is done, return to the bottom of the elevator and break the bottom kelp, since you won’t need it anymore.

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