How to Get Elytra in Minecraft

In this tutorial you will learn how to get elytra in Minecraft quickly and easily.

Minecraft elytra are wings found on an End ship. Allows a player to fly in survival mode.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PC’s Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PC’s Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PC’s Yes
PlayStation Edition PlayStation 3 & 4 Yes

How To Get Elytra In Minecraft

1. Go To The End

You must first get to the final Biome by traveling through a final portal. Check out our guide on how to create a definitive portal if you’ve never done this before.

How to Get Elytra in Minecraft

2. Go To The End City

When you get to the end, you have to travel and find another portal similar to the one in the image below. Just throw an Ender pearl through that portal and you’ll be transported to an End City. Note that you must first defeat the ender dragon.

How to Get Elytra in Minecraft

3. Go Inside The End Ship

In the City of the End you will see a ship of the End floating. Enter the endship and look for an object frame with wings and two chests, one on each side of the frame.

How to Get Elytra in Minecraft

4. Pick Up The Elytra

Then left click on the frame of the item that knocks over the elytra and collect it.

That is! You now have elytra. With your new elite wings you can fly in survival mode.

How to Get Elytra in Minecraft

Minecraft Elytra Command

You can also use a Give command to get elytra in Minecraft. The elytra command is available in the following editions of Minecraft:

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Educational Edition

To run the elytra command in Minecraft, open your chat window and type the command below, depending on your version of Minecraft:

Java Edition 1.13 and higher

/give @p elytra 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition

/give @p elytra 1 0


1. How do you use elytra in Minecraft?

Once you’ve donned the elytra, run down the side of a mountain and use the following in-game controls to slide:

  • Java Edition, Windows 10 and Education Edition: Press SPACEBAR to start scrolling.
  • Pocket Edition (PE): Tap the Skip button.
  • PS3 and PS4: Press the X button on the PS controller.
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X: Press the A button on the Xbox controller.
  • Wii U and Nintendo Switch: Press the A Button.

Once you’re planning, you can drive as you normally would in the game.

2. How do you use elytra with fireworks?

With your elite wings and a firecracker rocket on your hot rod, race down the mountainside and start sliding. Once planned, use the following in-game controls to propel yourself faster with the rocket:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition: Right click to use fireworks.
  • Pocket Edition (PE): Tap to use fireworks.
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One: Press the LT button.
  • PS3, PS4: Press the L2 button.
  • Wii U, Nintendo Switch: Press the ZL button.

3. How do you dye elytra in Minecraft?

Technically, you can’t paint elytra without a suit. Instead, elytra takes over the layout of the layer the player is wearing.

4. How do you repair elytra in Minecraft?

He can repair damaged elytra with an anvil and a phantom membrane. Place the Elytra and Phantom Membrane on the anvil. It will cost you 1 XP to repair the elytra. Once repaired, you can move the elite to your inventory.

5. What is the easiest way to get an elytra?

Pearl and walk around until you find an end city, but make sure it has an end ship before you go up. Grab a pearl and get as close as possible to the end city before pearling into it, and go downstairs. Kill the shulker guardian, then grab yourself the elytra.

6. Can you get an elytra without killing the Ender dragon?

While it is possible to get an Elytra without beating the Ender Dragon, it is only recommended for Minecraft players who do not mind spending the exorbitant amount of time required to accomplish this task.

7. Can you only get one elytra in Minecraft?

No, it doesn’t matter how many times you kill the ender dragon. You can find an almost unlimited amount of elytra, but it is very difficult, as end cities spawn differently then other generated structures, using a random number generator to decide whether they should spawn.

8. Can u make elytra?

In Minecraft, the elytra is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game. Most commonly, the elytra can be found inside the End Ship in the End City.

9. Can you get elytra from fishing?

Elytra a would be very rare to find while fishing in the end. It would solve the problem on servers where people would normally have to explore tons of blocks away in the end to find one.

10. How rare is it to get a elytra?

In the end the are only ONE pair of elytra!

11. Can you dye elytra?

You can’t yet. However if you have a cape it will change the elytra texture.

How to Get Elytra Video Tutorial

In this video we show you exactly how to get elytra step by step and use it in the game. Plus, we came across one of the best final spawns we’ve ever seen. Check it out and subscribe!

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